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Costs Budgets

What others say about us

“Experts in their field.”

Michael Wakeling, Partner, Lodders Solicitors


“Mr Fisher, please inform your instructing Solicitors that this was a model as to how a Costs Management Hearing should be conducted.”

District Judge, Birmingham


“Very impressed”

Jonathan Mason, Partner, Clarkes Solicitors


“Squeeze the pips for their client but still keep an eye on the overall outcome.”

Adam Tedstone, Principal Tedstone, George & Tedstone


“Experts in the costs budgeting field.”

Roger Owen, Solicitor Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

Costs Budgets


Precedent H Costs Budgets are now required to be filed and served in the majority of multi-track claims.

We have an experienced costs budgeting team, headed up by Mr Scott Floyd who has a sound knowledge of legal costs and over 20 years’ experience as a civil litigation Solicitor working for large Claimant and Defendant firms.

With Forest Costing Service Ltd, clients requiring assistance with costs budgets experience a fast turnaround, accurate calculations and the assurance of knowing that their budget has been prepared by a team with a substantial knowledge of both legal costs and civil litigation.

With increasing pressures on firms of Solicitors in terms of day-to-day conduct of files, it will assure you to know that we can prepare accurate and comprehensive costs budgets with as little inconvenience to you as possible. We have successfully prepared hundreds of budgets for firms of Solicitors since the introduction of the costs reforms in April 2013, including several budgets which have exceeded £1m.

In addition to preparing a costs budget for you we can review your opponent’s costs budget and formulate objections with a view to reducing your client’s potential costs exposure. We can arrange for one of our very experienced advocates to represent your client at Costs and Case Management Hearings for an affordable cost.

Summary of our costs budgeting service

  • Preparation of costs budgets by costs consultants with substantial costs and litigation experience
  • Quick turnaround for urgent matters
  • Free collection and delivery of files
  • Assistance with disputing an opponent’s costs budget
  • Negotiations with your opponent to try and agree costs budgets
  • Attendance at CCMC hearings across England & Wales by an experienced advocate
  • Amendments to budgets and ongoing costs management activities
  • Affordable service with the ability to defer payment until the conclusion of the litigation

Speak with our Mr Scott Floyd or Mr James Fisher for further information about our costs budgeting service on 01902 892 636.